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GBV-Asia finds solutions for businesses throughout the world pursuing strategic options in Asia

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Why GBV-Asia?

  • We can assist your company in global commerce
  • We can save you money and reduce uncertainty
  • We have trusted contacts throughout the Asian region
  • Valuable experience in North America and Asia
  • We offer trust-worthy, quality, and reliable service

Our Guarantee to You

GBV-Asia will analyze and consult with our network about your unique business situation and write a personalized report highlighting different strategies and courses of action for you to consider.

It is no secret about the rise of Asia in the World Economy, but finding a way to capitalize, expand, trade, import, export, research, educate, or establish companies is still no easy task.

Let us assist you in your endeavor. GBV-Asia proudly offers a Free Consultation based on your unique business situation. It is our mission to enable you to reach your goals.

Services We Offer:

  • Import/Export
  • Outsourcing/Offshoring
  • Translations/Translators
  • Cross-Cultural Immersion
  • Travel
  • Develop Marketing Channels
  • Project Initiation to Completion
  • Employee Training
  • Setup Remote Offices
  • Setup Foreign Factories
  • IT
  • Structural Engineering
  • Research
  • Sourcing

What we will do with your information:
  • Evaluate your unique situation and pursue a plan to accomplish your goal.
  • Carefully consider the possible options for your company and contact you back within 3 business days.
  • Work with one of our trusted partners to find the best possible relationship to success in the endeavor.
  • We will respect your privacy and information
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