• Customs Clearance
  • Product Monitoring
  • Export Management
  • International Logistics


  • Find suitable locations/business climate to set up offshore production
  • Select company(s) to provide outsourced services
  • Reduce costs, increase business, boost international presence


  • Translations of: Official documents, website, product manuals, newsletters, etc.
  • Translators to accompany conferences (in person, phone, video, etc.)

Cross-Cultural Immersion

  • Foreign country introduction
  • Develop the skills and understanding to reduce culture transition shock and increase cultural immersion
  • 1-on-1 or group culture courses available upon arrival or through webinars in advance


  • Assist with trip scheduling (hotels, transportation, guides, security, local contacts, etc.)
  • We will find you suitable conference rooms in the city you are doing business in

Develop New Marketing Channels

  • We will work with you to enhance your business in each respective country
  • Find opportunities in untapped markets
  • Evaluate business environment before commitment of resources

Project Initiation to Completion

  • Work with your foreign partners to ensure satisfaction
  • Assistance with monitoring of projects
  • Ability to provide on-site evaluation of current projects
  • Ensure project completion meets requirements

Employee Training

  • We offer training programs at various institutions and universities throughout the Asian region
  • Best business practices and etiquette training
  • New technologies, new methodologies, language skills, etc.

Setup Remote Offices

  • Operate a foreign office using local employees
  • Provide around-the-clock service for your company and a local presence in foreign markets

Setup Foreign Factories

  • Knowledge of laws, policies, and procedures in various Asian countries
  • Site Analysis, feasibility, and cost-efficiency studies
  • Find local partners (if necessary) and work with foreign govt. to satisfy all country requirements
  • Ensure factory standards meet your company's policies and procedures

Information Technology

  • Software Design and Development
  • Enterprise Resource Planning System Development
  • Building Monitoring System (BMS) Development
  • Document Management System (DMS) Development

Structural Engineering

  • Structural System Development
  • Structural Design
  • Structural Design Peer Review
  • Performance and Code-Based Design


  • Provide experts in the fields of Environmental Research, Engineering, and International Business
  • Research Projects using industry experts, expert faculty, and graduate level students


  • Link your business with manufacturers
  • Assist in the sourcing of products in terms of quality, efficiency, and standards